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Adam Yee
Adam Yee

Adam Yee

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Adam Yee grew up in Colorado, which instilled in him a love for the outdoors and all things creative. He spent his formative years drawing, painting, doing martial arts, dancing, rock climbing, and skateboarding. By the time he hit high school, Adam was fixated on skateboarding, had several sponsors, and dreamed of becoming a pro skater. A couple of serious injuries kept those dreams from coming to fruition but allowed him to focus on painting and music production while he was in college. In 2012, Adam left Colorado and spent a few years in San Francisco before moving and settling in Seattle. In 2017, he met his future wife, Amber, and they spent the following year living in Thailand and traveling around Asia while working on a photojournalism project. Today, Adam works in marketing and advertising as a producer and talent scout, and spends all of his free time skateboarding, climbing, camping, and making art. Adam is also an avid shoe collector. As an active and artistic soul, Adam is always searching for the perfect balance of form and function. So, whether it's an item of clothing or a piece of camping gear, he's sure to test and critique every detail.

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