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Best Dog Bed of 2022

We put dog beds to the test from Big Barker, Furhaven, K&H Pet Products, and others to find the most supportive and comfortable options for our pups
Best Dog Bed of 2022
The Queen of Dog Bed Mountain.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

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By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 30, 2022
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Looking for the best dog bed? We researched dozens of options before selecting the best 13 available today to purchase and test side by side. Our long-time dog owners asked their canine companions to extensively test these mats and seats, from naptime in the sunshine to sleeping through the night. Since none of our dogs speak English, we also tested them ourselves, considering each model's support and comfort. We cleaned them (or tried to) and assessed their durability. Whether your dog loves fluffy cushions or supportive platforms, we've found the perfect throne for your best friend.

We've also done a comprehensive review of elevated dog beds, which are great for keeping your dog cool in the heat of summer. But, if your pup needs some extra warmth, check out our dog hoodie review. We've also tested other pet accessories such as leashes, collars, and toys.

Editor's Note: This review was updated on June 30, 2022, to ensure our selection is up to date.


Best Overall Dog Bed

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam

Material: Polyurethane foam (top) and memory foam (bottom) | Thickness: 4"
Good support
Soft exterior
Easy to clean
Plenty of space
Very heavy dogs may still feel the floor
Cover will soak up liquids

The Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam bed combines two layers of foam to provide support on the bottom and cushion on the top. The outer cover is soft and fuzzy, and the lack of bolsters makes this an excellent choice for dogs who love to sprawl out. With zippers down two sides of the bed, it's easy to take off the cover and toss it in the washer for a quick cleaning, and it's a breeze to replace once clean. It's available in one color — tan — so it's great for lighter-colored dogs. Impressively, this is one of the very few beds that comes with a water-resistant cover. During testing, the cover did soak up liquids, but the foam base stayed dry. We're not sure this protection level will last forever, but we appreciate what you get for one relatively low price.

This 4-inch platform does a great job combining support and comfort, but the 2-inch thick memory foam section might not be enough for hefty dogs. Our 120 lb human tester could eventually feel the floor through this bed when sitting on it, though not while laying on it. Her 80 lb dog had no complaints, but it's possible that truly giant dogs may not get the support they need from the Milliard. It comes in just a single color but has a relatively wide range of sizes that can accommodate most small to large dogs. We found a lot to love about this comfortable, supportive bed — including its competitive price.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

best overall dog bed
For dogs who love to spread out, this supportive, bolster-free bed is hard to beat.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Bed for Large Breeds

Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic

Material: Comfort foam (outer) and memory foam (middle) | Thickness: 7"
Supremely supportive
Soft and comfortable
Won't squish flat
Looks nice in the living room
Only for big dogs
Cover not waterproof

It can be challenging to find a dog bed that won't flatten under the weight of a larger dog, and often the beds that are supportive enough are stiff and uncomfortable. If this is a familiar issue for you, check out the Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic. This enormous and comfortable bed offers a full seven inches of support, with three layers of different foam densities. We were skeptical about this bed's claims to be "as comfortable as a human bed," but are happy to discover that our skepticism was unfounded. The soft outer suede cover adds to this plush couch's softness, and zippers around three sides of the bottom make it uncomplicated to remove and throw in the washing machine. And though this giant bed only comes in three huge sizes, it's also fetching enough to blend in with the rest of your furniture as your dog's personal sofa.

This bed is far too massive for small dogs. Our main canine tester is an 80 lb greyhound lab mix who's lanky and loves to sprawl, and even she looked a bit small lounging on the smallest size of the Big Barker. But only big and heavy dogs need the kind of intensive support provided by this bed, so we don't hold the limited sizing against it. Something we should note is that the suede cover zips around the bed's bottom edges, offering the potential for the zipper to scratch a hardwood floor. It's also challenging to replace after washing, as the suede catches on the foam core. And for the price of this bed, we wish the cover was waterproof. It resists soaking up liquids a little bit, but getting a genuinely waterproof cover will take another hefty chunk of change out of your wallet. And we didn't fail to notice that it costs nearly as much as an inexpensive mattress for humans. However, we think the Big Barker is worth every penny if you have a large dog, especially a breed known for joint and mobility issues during old age.

Available Sizes: Large, Extra Large, Giant (Junior version is 4" thick and comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large)

dog bed - best bed for large breeds
The Big Barker is simply unmatched in providing comfortable support for even the largest dogs.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Bang for Your Buck

Furhaven Faux Fur and Velvet Sofa

Material: Memory foam | Thickness: 4"
Good support and soft comfort
Bolsters aren't in the way
Wide array of colors and sizes
Easy to clean
Cover isn't waterproof
Cover is a bit thin
Still slides on floor

The Furhaven Faux Fur and Velvet Sofa has something to offer for just about any dog. Its memory foam core provides good support without being too stiff, while its outer cover is soft and fluffy to cradle your pup. Like many contenders in our lineup, this one has bolsters around three sides, but unlike most bolsters, these don't crowd the bed space. Instead, they're cleverly designed to rim the bed's edge without forcing your dog to use them if they don't want to. With one entire side bolster-free, this bed works when your dog wants to stretch his legs (or head) off the side. Even among the many non-bolstered dog beds we tested, the Furhaven is impressively easy to take apart to clean the cover and painless to reassemble. It also comes in 5 sizes and nine colors that look great even in your parlor.

If your dog is accident-prone, the Furhaven isn't the best choice, as the memory foam soaks up liquid and is very challenging and time-consuming to clean and dry. The fuzzy cover is also relatively thin and may not hold up if your dog likes to make lots of circles, dig the bed, or drag it around the room. It also slides on hardwood floors fairly easily. However, for the level of comfort, the several color and size options, and a surprisingly low price, we think there's something about this bed that will appeal to just about any dog.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, Jumbo Plus

dog bed - best bang for your buck
Though he's a bit small for the Furhaven right now, Tom, the newest member of our canine testing squad, loves the surface feel and bolsters of this couch-style bed.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Value for an Elevated Bed

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Bed

Material: Mesh | Thickness: 7" from ground
Easy to assemble/disassemble
Smooth cot-like comfort
Many sizes
Tighter weave may collect water
Limited colors

The Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Bed is a great option for an outdoor pet bed. Unlike others, it's easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a solid choice to put out seasonally or take along on a camping trip and then pack away and store when not needed. The smooth fabric makes this doggy bunk bed comfortable to lay on even without an extra blanket (which could be destroyed when you forget it outside during a storm). It's also an excellent choice for elevating an interior dog bed for big dogs with joint mobility issues. It comes in a fairly wide range of sizes that can fit just about any dog — and it's less expensive than a lot of the competition.

The tighter weave used to make this puppy cot softer also makes it hold water a bit more easily. We even needed to dump a puddle off the bed after it got wet outside. It can still slide a bit on hardwood floors, so using it as an elevating platform indoors may require something extra to keep it in place — like a mat or jamming it between your couch and the wall (that's what we did). And though we had no issues with this iron-framed bed's durability, similar to other beds we tested, the pieces that join the iron bars together are plastic, making them a potential target for future failings. We think the pros outweigh the cons to this elevated bed, though, and we're stoked about its high value.

Available Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

dog bed - great value for an elevated bed
Smooth support that's easy to clean and a cinch to take apart and cart along on your journeys.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Elevated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot

Material: Memory foam | Thickness: 4"
Comfortable bolster
Soft mesh
Strong hammock fibers
Dark color may get hot in the sun
Only comes in one color option

Combining the best of an elevated bed with a traditional comfy bed, the K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot is a unique option among the competition. This distinctive doggy cot raises your pup above the hot surfaces heated by the summer sun without sacrificing those cozy places for him to rest his head or paws. This three-sided bolster bed is excellent for dogs who love to snuggle into corners. With softer mesh, the K&H Cot provides an all-around comfortable space for your pup to relax outside. Despite this softer feel, we had no issues with it during our durability testing.

As much as we love so many aspects of this crossover bed, it only comes in one color combo: black mesh with chocolate brown bolsters. While we don't hate how it looks, these dark colors do soak up the sun much more than the lighter-colored elevated beds we tested, somewhat negating the bed's cooling effect in the first place. And with its three sides of bolsters, it's more complicated to clean than a simple hosing off. The bolster pillows can be removed and washed, but the multiple layers left over require more attention than the average spray-it-with-the-hose tactic. Overall, we found a lot to love about this comfortable elevated bed that proved itself a favorite among our canine testers.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

dog bed - best elevated pet bed
Putting those bolsters to good use while staying cool outside.
Credit: Ross Robinson


Best for Accident Protection

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Material: Polyurethane memory foam | Base Thickness: 4"
Rugged durability
Solid support
Impressively water resistant
Cleans easily
A bit stiff
Bolsters make it smaller
Shows hair and slobber easily

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is a dream package for older, accident-prone dogs who need extra support. Its solid 4-inch memory foam base is supportive, and the 5-inch bolsters encircle most of the bed, keeping it cozy for curling up. The exterior fabric feels like canvas but does an impressive job repelling water and other liquids. An additional waterproof liner doubly protects the foam base to keep it from soaking up anything your dog may be unable to hold in. The cover is easy to remove, clean, and replace. Also, the outer cover is more durable against diggers and circlers' claws than most other beds we tested.

However, all this durability comes at a bit of a cost. The memory foam base is very supportive but also on the stiff side and may not be ideal for dogs who prefer soft, plush surfaces. The bed we purchased recommended adding an old blanket or pillow to make it more comfortable. Although practical advice, it's disappointing when you've already paid so much for a bed. The few neutral colors available are solid, and their canvas-like texture makes them show hair and dirt (and slobber) more than other dog beds. While supportive, the bolsters also infringe upon the bed's size, making the inside smaller than expected. Our 80 lb lanky canine tester would have preferred the 44" XL over the 36" Large we tested. Aside from these minor complaints, the PetFusion is a great choice when you need a bed with a little more liquid protection than average.

Available Sizes: Small, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo

dog bed - best for accident protection
For an old dog who slobbers a lot, the water resistance of the PetFusion is pretty ideal.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Egg Crate Foam Bed

Bedsure Orthopedic Foam

Material: Polyurethane egg crate foam | Thickness: 3"
Dual sides accommodate hot and cold sleepers
Impressively supportive yet still soft
Simple yet durable and versatile
Fluffy "sherpa" side collects debris and soaks up liquid
Big sizes only and limited colors

For a dog bed that doesn't particularly stand out in its description, the Bedsure Orthopedic Foam exceeded our expectations to become our favorite egg-crate foam model we tested. Unlike some similar-sounding beds, the 3" thick Bedsure foam pad provides plenty of support for even heavy dogs with bony elbows. The "sherpa" top is soft and fluffy, offering extra comfort and a touch of warmth when needed. When flipping the bed over, the oxford side feels like a nylon-y canvas material and does a great job repelling spills and accidents and resisting stains. The cover zips along two sides and is easy to launder at home; plus, you can clean the foam base with water in the kitchen sink if needed.

If you don't like the looks of a hairy dog bed, the "sherpa" side may get under your skin. It tends to hold onto just about any fiber or hair it comes into contact with. It's also the only side that isn't water-resistant, and if your dog prefers sleeping on this fluffy surface, you'll be sacrificing liquid protection. The Bedsure comes in larger sizes, making it an oversized option for little dogs, and offers very few color choices. Still, we love this egg-crate option for large dogs who need support but don't like the harder feel of memory foam mattresses.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large

dog bed - best egg crate foam bed
Senior dogs, like Madeline, often need extra support for their aging joints, which the Bedure Orthopedic Foam provides.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Support for Cold Weather Cuddlers

BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

Material: Orthopedic foam | Thickness: 4"
Good support
Soft sleeping surface
Warm enclosed sides are great in cold weather
Non-slip backing (that really works)
Frustrating to assemble and take apart
Only comes in smaller sizes

For keeping warm on a cold day, the BarksBar Orthopedic is an excellent choice. With tall bolsters that go all the way around the bed and a soft, fuzzy cover, it's made to cradle your dog off to dreamland. The 4-inch thick base provides good support without sacrificing softness and comfort. This bed holds its shape fairly well, creating an inviting cocoon for your dog. While many beds claim to have non-slip backing on the bottom, this is one of the most effective ones we tested, solidly keeping Fido rooted in place.

If your dog likes to sprawl out or tends to run warm, they're unlikely to enjoy this bed. The bolsters make it challenging to hang feet or heads off the bed's edge, trapping heat next to your dog's body. Coming only in smaller sizes, it's not large enough for pups who like to spread out. It also offers no water resistance, letting little accidents soak right into the difficult-to-clean foam platform. This quickly became one of our least favorite beds to take apart and reassemble. The thick bolster has to be shoved through a small opening, and dual direction zippers are seemingly everywhere but hidden and hard to find under fabric flaps. Furthermore, we're not convinced that the thin, fuzzy fabric is particularly durable against an enthusiastic digger's claws. However, the BarksBar is an excellent choice for comfortable cuddling if your dog loves to curl up for a nap and likes to be warm and cozy.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

dog bed - while there's a lot to like about the barksbar orthopedic, trying to...
While there's a lot to like about the BarksBar Orthopedic, trying to squeeze the bolster out of this tiny section of the cover to clean it is NOT one of those things.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great for Curled Up Sleepers

Majestic Pet Bagel

Material: High-loft polyester fill | Thickness: 8"
Thick fill
Giant bolsters
Durable exterior
Difficult to clean
Less supportive

More than just a creative name, the Majestic Pet Bagel is a squishy, oval-shaped bed with enormous bolsters designed to snuggle your dog while he sleeps. With 8-inch thick filling and 11-inch bolsters, this pillow-like bed fully encloses your pup in a sort of cocoon that looks straight out of a commercial about log cabin rentals in the winter. The durable exterior feels thick and canvas-y and seems very up to withstanding Fido's long nails. The bolsters are also supportive without being excessively restrictive, allowing your dog to hang a paw, head, or half his torso over the edge.

Though it's the thickest bed we tested, the lack of any memory foam does reduce this bed's level of support and thickness retention after extended use. While we like the durable exterior, it's one of the hardest to clean and keep clean. The bolsters create deep pockets around the bed that quickly fill up with dirt, fur, and other doggie debris. And the cover isn't removable at all. You can throw the entire thing in the washing machine, but this behemoth bed will only fit into an oversized machine at the laundromat if you have a big dog. That said, if this doesn't bother you so much and your dog is a snuggler, they may love this super poofy, fully-bolstered Pet Bagel.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

dog bed - princess margaret loves cuddling up in the tall bolsters of the...
Princess Margaret loves cuddling up in the tall bolsters of the Majestic Pet Bagel.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Good Memory Foam for Crates

BarkBox Memory Foam Platform

Material: Polyurethane memory foam | Thickness: 3"
Reasonable support
Good sizes for crates
Water-resistant cover
Not supportive enough for large dogs
Smaller than expected

Known by many pet enthusiasts as a monthly subscription of toys and treats for your pup, BarkBox also offers this Memory Foam Platform. It's just 3 inches thick but has a fuzzy top that's reminiscent of long velvet. It provides a modest amount of support and acceptable comfort from a plain pad. It fits nicely into many standard-sized crates to eliminate the discomfort of those plastic bin bottoms, and the water-resistant cover is an excellent bonus for a remarkably inexpensive bed.

However, the BarkBox's thickness is paltry compared to many other beds on the market and doesn't do large dogs justice. It squished flat under our 80 lb lab mix — though she liked its soft, fluffy covering. It's also a bit small for big dogs. The 35-inch Large we tested is an inch short and looked comically puny under our lanky greyhound-lab main tester. Yet for smaller dogs who need less support or the inside of a crate, it's hard to understate this memory foam pad's value with a water-resistant cover and a shockingly small price tag.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

dog bed - the barkbox memory foam is a bit smaller than anticipated, but...
The BarkBox Memory Foam is a bit smaller than anticipated, but offers reasonable support for moderate needs.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Loved by Snugglers and Cuddlers

Friends Forever Donut

Material: Polyester fill | Thickness: 3"
Very soft fabric and feel
Tall bolsters
Squishiness is a hit with snuggly dogs
Not supportive
Difficult to clean

The Friends Forever Donut is a faux fur-covered fluffy bed that makes a great nest for dogs who love to burrow and cuddle. The inch-long "hairs" are exceptionally soft, while the polyester filling is very squishy, partially enveloping dogs (or their cat "siblings"!) who lay in it. Tall bolsters all the way around add to this bed's comforting and warming effects. Though the largest size we could get our hands on (the 36" Large) was on the small side for Madeline, our 80-pound main tester, she loves it anyway, happily forgoing support and total coverage for the feeling of being snuggled by this small, silky bed.

Beyond the initial snuggilicious sensation, the Friends Forever Donut is not a supportive bed. The squishy polyfill that nestling dogs love squashes flat as soon as it's laid upon. The faux fur exterior isn't removable, forcing you to toss the entire bed in the washing machine and leaving you with a tangled mess on the other side of the cleaning process. As you might expect, it lacks any liquid protection and a 7-week-old puppy had a blast ripping the "hairs" gleefully from its surface. But if you want a bed for your cuddly canine and don't need support or exceptional durability, our panel of pooches loves this one.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

dog bed - the friends forever donut isn't supportive but is still a huge hit...
The Friends Forever Donut isn't supportive but is still a huge hit with our snuggle-happy testers, including Tom, pictured here at 7 weeks old.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Solid But Scratchy Outdoor Bed

Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Bed

Material: Mesh | Thickness: 7" from ground
Breathable mesh
Numerous colors
Very scratchy materials
Corners catch paws
Very few sizes

If you are searching for a cooling platform that works well outside, we recommend the Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Bed. Its widely spaced mesh offers great breathability for hot days. It also drains water a little more easily than some tighter woven dog cots. It comes in several colors that look great with patio furniture. This elevated bed holds your dog several inches off the ground, safely supported by a durable, powder-coated steel frame. It's also an inexpensive model in a world of high-priced options.

However, we found this bed to fall short in several areas. Firstly, its fabric is excessively scratchy and unpleasant to the touch. Our main canine tester is a sucker for a soft bed and isn't a fan of how this one feels. While they look just like the supported mesh of the rest of the bed, the corners of this bed are particularly worrying to us, as a small amount of pressure pushes them down, easily letting your dog's paw launch right through, getting trapped in this triangular space. This bed is also exceptionally tricky to assemble, needing perfect pressure in all the right spots. It's much easier to accomplish with two sets of hands, though we never want to take ours apart again. The Coolaroo also only comes in three sizes, which we find quite limiting. Far from our favorite, this bed is a reasonable outdoor option if your dog doesn't mind the fabric feel, and you're into the price tag.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

dog bed - the coolaroo is cali approved. we like how well this fabric...
The Coolaroo is Cali approved. We like how well this fabric ventilates to keep our doggos cool in the summer heat.
Credit: Sarah Sherman


Great for Putting on Top of Another Bed

MidWest Homes Deluxe Super Plush Bed

Material: Tufted plush polyfiber | Thickness: 3"
Super soft
Easy to wash
Good crate sizes
Virtually no support
Smaller than expected

Featuring super plush, the MidWest Homes Deluxe Super Plush Bed is soft, quite fluffy, and incredibly squishy. The variable shading of the furry topside helps hide dirt and fur, and when it does get dirty, it's easy to toss the entire thing into your at-home washing machine. A plethora of convenient sizes fit in various crates to keep your dog happy while you're away.

However, it's not a supportive bed, no matter how plush the MidWest Deluxe may be. It easily squishes flat even under small dogs and is best used as a topper over a more supportive mat, car, or couch. It's also a bit on the small side. The 36-inch model we tested only measured 34 inches long and looked very small under our 80 lb long-legged main tester. Though it lacks almost any structure, it's still well-loved by dogs who value a soft texture and a squishy surface. You might want to pair it with something else that can offer more support.

Available Sizes: 18", 22", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"

dog bed - though soft and fluffy, the midwest homes deluxe doesn't have much...
Though soft and fluffy, the Midwest Homes Deluxe doesn't have much to offer in the way of support -- but found much use as a fluffy topper on firmer beds.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why You Should Trust Us

This review is the result of a team effort by Senior Review Editors, Maggie Brandenburg and Sarah Sherman, and their canine companions, Madeline and Indy. Both Maggie and Sarah are long-time dog owners who have spent decades trying to find the right toys, food, dog beds, and other pet products for their mutts. Indy is a 40 lb mixed breed adventure pup and the perfect dog bed tester, preferring to sleep on a soft surface over the ground any day. Madeline is an 80 lb Greyhound-Labrador mix who needs and craves the support that only some dog beds can provide, living up to her breed reputation of being a "45 mph couch potato". If she could talk, she'd tell you she's a spoiled dog who has a bed to sleep on in just about every room of the house. Madeline and Indy also invited several dog friends over to help test dog beds, including Cali the Husky, Maggie the Pit Bull, Nala the Weimaraner, Bear the Great Pyrenees, and Pacha the everything mix.

To test the dog bed competition, both dog and human testers sat, laid, and jumped on every bed. We considered not only their construction but put them to the test, spending hours lounging on each bed. The dogs shed hair on them and dragged dirt across them while the humans tried valiantly to clean them. We tested their durability both indoors and out, checked to see which ones would stay put on hardwood floors, and measured their usable sizes. From supportive platforms to squishy cushions, we teased apart the best and worst parts of every model to help you determine which one is best for your unique pup.

Testing the strength and support of elevated beds
Testing the strength and support of elevated beds
Checking each model's resistance to liquid accidents.
Checking each model's resistance to liquid accidents.
The K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot makes Nala one happy...
The K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot makes Nala one happy dog. Most of our canine testers seem to really love the pillow along three of the four sides to rest their paws and heads.

Analysis and Test Results

Finding a good bed for a large dog is more challenging than searching for a small dog. Large dogs weigh more and often experience joint pain and mobility issues as they age, requiring extra support. Because the search for a great large dog bed is more challenging (and often more expensive) and because our main canine tester (and most of her furry friends) are large dogs, we specifically aimed our search and testing at more supportive beds with size options for larger breeds.

We pitted each bed head-to-head through a myriad of both real-world and laboratory testing. We measured beds, took note of their sizing and color options, tested their support, evaluated their comfort, and thoroughly cleaned them after spills we purposely inflicted to see how they stack up. A specific, comparative discussion of how these beds performed in our numerous tests across several key metrics follows.

dog bed
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


To test support, we first considered what each bed is made of, how many pieces it has, and how conducive their arrangement is to the many ways in which dogs frequently relax. We measured beds' thicknesses and put them to the test through hours of napping and lolling about to discover if their support holds up over time. We also used every bolster and side support to gauge their helpfulness. We coaxed dogs onto every bed to see how long they were willing to lay in it and how much they appreciated and used extra support structures. In general, memory foam-based beds provide more support than those filled with polyester fluff or regular foam.

dog bed - seen from the side, the big barker is a seven inch thick platform...
Seen from the side, the Big Barker is a seven inch thick platform made of three different layers of foam for optimal comfort and support no matter how gigantic your dog might be.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic is the clear winner in this metric. This enormous bed is a full seven inches thick and comprises three foam layers to support even the heaviest dogs. It has a single bolster on one end made of the same foam material as the base's top, offering exceptional support for a full night's sleep. Not only do our big dogs love the rest they get on this monstrous bed, but even our human testers love lazing on it. Another strong contender for supreme support is The PetFusion Ultimate. Though its base is just four inches thick, it continued to support even a human tester for hours of loitering. It also has thickly stuffed bolsters that offer excellent and reliable support for your dog's head or paws.

dog bed - the furhaven quickly became a favorite for this squirrel-watching...
The Furhaven quickly became a favorite for this squirrel-watching princess.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Featuring dual layers of foam to combine support with comfort, the Furhaven Faux Fur and Velvet Sofa and Milliard Memory Foam's bottom layers are memory foam, while the top layer is a softer foam. We (and our dogs) love this combination of different types of foam, but as it means their supportive memory foam layers are a little thinner, they also suffer slightly when it comes to pure support.

dog bed - madeline loves the combination of softness from the bedsure's egg...
Madeline loves the combination of softness from the Bedsure's egg crate foam and fluffy "sherpa" top with its impressive support that keeps her comfortable for hours of naps.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The BarksBar Orthopedic and Majestic Pet Bagel are also notable, with large, supportive bolsters. If your dog likes to sprawl, these two may not be the best choices, though. But dogs who curl up are sure to love the comforting support the large sides provide. Impressively, the non-memory foam, egg crate style Bedsure Orthopedic Foam proves itself well up to the task of softly supporting even big dogs. If your dog isn't a fan of the harder feel of memory foam but still needs support, the Bedsure is a great option that impresses us with its performance.

dog bed - if your dog likes to curl up and snuggle deep, donut shaped beds...
If your dog likes to curl up and snuggle deep, donut shaped beds like the Majestic Pet Bagel are sure to be a hit. Maggie loves hers!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The other half of the equation that makes a bed comfortable (besides support) is how it feels. We considered all other aspects of comfort to test this category, including the fabric feel itself, squishiness, temperature regulation, available sleep configurations, and general happiness experienced sitting and lying in each bed. Some beds are great for certain sleepers, and others can accommodate a more significant range of doggy preferences.

dog bed - the big barker is soft and squishy without compromising the support...
The Big Barker is soft and squishy without compromising the support a big dog needs.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Though for slightly different reasons, two beds stand out in this metric. The Big Barker has a pleasant suede feeling that's easy to love and a squishy top layer of foam that makes it comfortable to lay on. It compresses enough to make it cozy without going so far that it's a warming bed. The single bolster provides a pillow on one end while leaving all other sides free to sprawl. With a similar comfortable top layer enclosed in a soft cover, the Furhaven Sofa has three bolsters along the edges that don't crowd the sleep surface, allowing your dog to sprawl out and not use any bolsters if that's how they're feeling at the moment.

dog bed - a squishy top layer and soft, fuzzy exterior make the milliard...
A squishy top layer and soft, fuzzy exterior make the Milliard Memory Foam a comfortable feeling bed.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Milliard Memory Foam also offers a great feel. Its top layer is slightly less squishy than the Big Barker or Furhaven, but the outer cover is soft and fuzzy, adding to its appeal. It is large and bolster-free, letting your dog drape across the edges with ease. The BarksBar is another great-feeling bed. Much like the Furhaven, it has a furry-feeling platform for your dog to recline in and soft, suede bolsters.

dog bed - despite being larger than the friends forever donut, madeline adores...
Despite being larger than the Friends Forever Donut, Madeline adores curling up in its fluffiness and being cuddled by thick bolstered sides.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Bedsure has a "sherpa" side that feels like fluffy fleece, while its egg crate foam interior is squishier than most memory foam models, providing a comfortable sleeping surface for many picky dogs. Also notable is the Friends Forever Donut, with inch-long faux fur covering the entire sleeping surface. It's silky smooth to the touch, while the polyester filling squishes into place to cradle your dog to sleep.

dog bed - the barksbar orthopedic has multiple textures that feel great and...
The BarksBar Orthopedic has multiple textures that feel great and high bolsters that keep dogs warm on cold winter nights.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

A few beds stand out on both ends of the thermometer if temperature regulation is your number one priority. The Majestic Pet Bagel, Friends Forever Donut, and BarksBar Orthopedic all have giant bolsters that wrap around the entire bed to trap heat on cold days. They're excellent options for dogs who live in cold climates and like to curl up. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot, Amazon Basics Elevated Pad, and Coolaroo Original are elevated beds that let even the slightest breeze (whether from the weather or the air conditioner) flow under your pet. All three of these beds support your pup with thin, cot-like material that feels great on a hot day, and the K&H even has comfortable bolsters on three sides to boot. Here again, the Bedsure stands out as a best-of-both-worlds option, featuring a fluffy "sherpa" side that adds some warmth during colder months and a canvas-y oxford side that helps keep your pup a little cooler when things heat up.

dog bed - the coolaroo is an elevated outdoor bed that allows the breeze to...
The Coolaroo is an elevated outdoor bed that allows the breeze to flow right under your pet, helping to keep them cool all summer long.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Cleaning

Unless you have a hypoallergenic dog, your furry family member likely sheds all over your house. They probably also don't mind dragging in dirt and wetness from outside into the house and bed. Just like you clean your bed, being able to keep Lucky's furniture clean is essential. We tested every bed's ability to be cleaned by, well, cleaning them. We read the directions, considered how difficult they were to follow, and then followed them. We noted which beds stink easily, which collect hair quickly, and which have to be carted to a laundromat or cleaned by hand. While cleaning both covers and foam, we also noted which are easy to pull apart and put back together. Most beds we tested have removable covers that can be cleaned in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. However, memory foam foundations are pretty universally only hand cleanable — and difficult to truly get clean.

The Amazon Basics Elevated Pad and Coolaroo Original are the easiest beds to clean. Both these cot-like platforms are simple to hand clean or just hose off on the deck. They don't need to be taken apart and dry quickly in the sun. The K&H Pet Cot requires the added step of removing the bolster before spraying it off. The MidWest Homes Deluxe is easy to stuff into your washing machine at home to get clean — though it can't be a washer with an agitator, and almost every fluffy pet bed or cover requires a gentle or delicate cycle.

dog bed - stuffing the midwest deluxe straight into your washing machine at...
Stuffing the MidWest Deluxe straight into your washing machine at home makes this one of the easiest beds to clean.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

To help protect the inner foam bed from any accidents, the BarkBox Memory Foam Platform and Milliard Memory Foam both sport water-resistant covers. The Bedsure is also quite water resistant on one side, but the fluffy "sherpa" side offers no liquid protection. All three models are very simple rectangular beds without bolsters and are very easy to take apart, wash, and put back together. The PetFusion Ultimate is one of the most liquid-resistant beds we tested. The outer cover beads liquids readily, and an inner liner helps keep the foam core from collecting stains and odors. Though it has bolsters that require an extra step to remove and replace when you need to launder the cover, they're some of the simplest to do so.

dog bed - the petfusion ultimate offers some of the best liquid resistance of...
The PetFusion Ultimate offers some of the best liquid resistance of any bed we tested. Both the exterior and the inner liner help keep messes at bay.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Though we don't typically like to highlight the under-performers, sometimes one is so outstanding that it's worth mentioning its shortcomings. In this case, two beds we tested are challenging to clean, but for different reasons. The Majestic Pet Bagel has deep crevices between the bed and bolsters that are a giant trap for fur and debris. While you can toss the entire bed in the washer, the Large 40" we tested is far too large for most home machines and must be taken to a laundromat. Easier to clean at home, the BarksBar Orthopedic cover comes off, but the effort required to do this is monumental. Removing the bolsters requires jamming a thick section of this inner tube of stuffing through a very thin hole at the front of the bed where the bolster is half the size. Why the zipper ends there, we have no idea. It's impressively tricky to shove the bolster through this opening, making it one of our least favorites to clean.

dog bed - though we love how warm the high bolsters keep our pup, they also...
Though we love how warm the high bolsters keep our pup, they also create extremely deep crevices that collect all kinds of gunk. And only a commercial washing machine is big enough to handle this enormous bed.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Selecting a long-lasting dog bed is essential, especially considering the cost of some of these pieces of pet furniture. And while much durability comes from your dog's actions, some beds are innately more durable than others. We tested both their exterior toughness and the quality of their internal materials to see which ones are genuinely up to the task of being a life-long companion for your hound.

Know Your Dog

No dog bed is truly indestructible. Puppies are accident-prone, and new dogs often destroy things as they settle into new homes. Therefore, If you have a dog under two years old or have been with you for less than a year, we recommend NOT initially buying an expensive bed.

Even well-behaved adult dogs can be unintentionally destructive. Spinning in circles before laying down or digging and pulling on beds to rearrange them will lower even the most durable beds' life expectancy. If your dog partakes in these calming behaviors, try putting down a blanket to help the bed underneath last longer.

One of the most durable models we tested is the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. It has a thick, canvas-like cover and an inner waterproof liner. It does an excellent job withstanding daily dog use and has thick padding and foam built to maintain loft for a long time. The Majestic Pet Bagel is a similar feeling canvas that gives us confidence in its ability to resist being easily punctured by claws.

dog bed - the thick canvas-like exterior of the petfusion ultimate is one of...
The thick canvas-like exterior of the PetFusion Ultimate is one of the most durable we tested.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

A few contenders are partially inspiring regarding durability; we have confidence in their insides to maintain decent loft but are less sure about their coverings' ability to cope with a decade of claws. Backed by a 10-year guarantee to maintain at least 90% of its original loft, the Big Barker has seriously impressive innards. However, its suede-like covering is a bit thin for our sensibilities. The Milliard Memory Foam also offers dependable loft longevity, though it's thinner than the Big Barker. Its exterior is slightly thicker and more water-resistant, though it still is less imposing than the thick, canvas-like beds we tested.

dog bed - despite its fuzzy exterior, the milliard memory foam has a spill...
Despite its fuzzy exterior, the Milliard Memory Foam has a spill resistant cover that does a solid job protecting its thick base from accidents.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


When evaluating the versatility of these beds, we took many things into account. We noted how many sizes and colors each comes in, if those sizes fit most dogs, and if the colors easily fit into most home decor. We measured each bed and scrutinized their usable size, and compared how closely they matched their described dimensions online. We also considered the variety of spots they're functional in — can they be used in the car? On the patio? For road trips or camping? Are they pleasant to drag up and down the stairs every evening and morning?

dog bed - the furhaven comes in an impressive array of sizes and colors that...
The Furhaven comes in an impressive array of sizes and colors that are sure to have something for just about every doggy home.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The top contender in this metric is the Furhaven. It's available in five sizes and nine colors, making it easy to find a size that works best for your pup and color scheme. It's also relatively lightweight, making it easier to move from room to room as your dog desires — or even stuff in the car to take on vacation. Another versatile bed, for contrasting reasons, is the Amazon Basics Elevated Pad. It comes in a few colors and is available in five sizes; plus, it's travel-friendly — take it apart and bring it with camping or on extended vacations. It works just as well as an outdoor bunk as it does inside as an elevation platform for an older dog's soft bed.

dog bed - combining the amazon basics elevated pad and the big barker, this...
Combining the Amazon Basics Elevated Pad and the Big Barker, this canine queen got her own royal throne.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Finding the right dog bed that works for your dog is no easy feat. It starts by knowing what your dog prefers and what they need — whether it's extra support for aching hips or a soft fluffy bed to stay warm through the night. We are confident our lineup includes an option for your pup and budget.

Maggie Nichols

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