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Best Oven Mitts of 2022

We tested oven mitts from Cuisinart, Homwe, All-Clad, and others to determine which offer the best protection
Best Oven Mitts of 2022
The test group. Give 'em a hand!
Credit: Laura Casner

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By Nick Miley ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 14, 2022
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Need to replace your ratty oven mitts or upgrade from a dish towel? We performed hands-on tests of 8 of the best heat protection products to find the best products for specific applications and hand sizes. At first blush, all these products seem to serve the same function at the same level of performance. However, they vary considerably in insulation, materials, cuff length as well as size, and finger configuration. Our team of expert testers draws on years of culinary experience ranging from professional baking and catering to adventurous home cooking.

If you've got a baking hobby, we've tested plenty of products up your alley. From the best baking sheets and cooling racks to mixing bowls and even serious appliances like stand mixers, we've done the grunt work of pitting the market's best products against each other, discerning the standouts from the duds.


Best Overall Oven Mitts

Cuisinart Silicone Oven Mitts

Insulation Duration (500º F): 32 seconds | Fit (hand size): Medium - Large
Good construction
Reasonably dextrous
Tricky to don one-handed

Multifunctionality is the name of the game when it comes to the Cuisinart Silicone Oven Mitts. The medium-long cuff fends off burns from the oven rack, and the thick insulation offers a level of heat resistance that's more than adequate for cooking or baking with cast iron. The silicone-wrapped palm provides an anti-slip grip. Moreover, the mitt's fit provides plenty of sensitivity for easily removing the lid of a dutch oven or latching onto the ears of a pie dish. We thoroughly inspected these gloves' construction and determined that they're sturdily built and primed for prolonged, heavy use.

There were very few causes for complaints with the Cuisinart mitts. Some folks may not love the "lobster claw" design that places the thumb under, rather than next to, the fingers. They're one size fits all and built to accompany larger hands, so those with small hands may find them a bit baggy. Finally, this model is tough to put on without a free hand unless they're hanging from a hook. With that said, the mitts have a big metal ring sewn onto the cuff, which makes the described one-handed maneuver possible. All in all, these mitts will handily dispense with any hot work you and your kitchen can dish out.

best overall oven mitts
The lobster claw-style mitts and silicone palms make pinching cookware easy and secure.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Overall Gloves

LoveU. Silicone and Cotton Double Layer

Insulation Duration (500º F): 8 seconds | Fit (hand size): Medium - Extra Large
One-handed on/off
Size options
Minimal insulation
Short cuff

The LoveU. Silicone gloves are unique oven gloves that offer decent heat protection, superb grip, and delightful dexterity. Their exterior is comprised completely of silicone, making them easy to clean since silicone is naturally resistant to liquids or stain-causing oils. We found these gloves' grippy nature to be quite useful when handling the small ears of pie dishes, removing pyrex and cast iron lids, or cranking open tight jar lids. Finally, these gloves are available in two size options — one size fits most and L/XL — to accommodate a range of users.

While these gloves offer many attributes, they are not a prime choice for high heat. When gripping a 500ºF cast iron panhandle, the heat bled through to our tester's hand in a mere 8 seconds. That level of insulation provides roughly enough time to transfer a hot item from the oven to the stovetop. However, if you frequently bake or cook at super high temperatures, we recommend picking a more suitable option. The fit might also be too baggy for some. Although, the loose fit does make it a cinch to get these gloves on and off with one hand.

oven mitts - best overall gloves
The textured silicone fingers of this glove have a high degree of movement and purchase.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for High Heat

Big Red House Oven Mitts

Insulation Duration (500º F): 41 seconds | Fit (hand size): Medium
Thick insulation
Decent grip
Weak stitching on hook loop
So-so dexterity

If you're frequently baking with cast iron or roasting on high heat, the Big Red House Oven Mitts provide superior protection for kitchen crucibles. In an insulation test with a six-pound cast iron pan heated to 500º F, our testers struggled to maintain their grip on the heavy pan for the 41 seconds it took for the heat to bleed through. The cotton insulation not only provides prolonged protection, the 4 ½" cuffs supply forearm shielding for all but the deepest ovens.

While these mitts have ample heat resistance, we found them to be not the most sensitive for gripping pot lids or the ears of casserole dishes. This product's durability also caused concern amongst testers as it only took minimal strain for the hook loops to tear out. Aside from the torn loop issue, the rest of the construction appears solid, with the main seams sporting three-thread overlock stitching. Overall, these mitts' superior heat protection outweighs their shortcomings.

oven mitts - best for high heat
The thick quilted insulation makes this mitt a go-to for piping-hot pots and pans, but the quality of construction is in question as the hook loops easily tore out of the cuffs during our tests.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Forearm Protection

HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt

Insulation Duration (500º F): 19 seconds | Fit (hand size): Medium
Waterproof lower mitt
Long cuff
Lining not attached
Baggy fit
The 6 3/4" cuff on the HOMWE Extra Long Professional Silicone Oven Mitt makes this model a go-to for those with deep or elevated ovens that necessitate extra forearm coverage. The mitt is constructed from a single piece of silicone topped with a quilted cotton cuff with polyester lining. Considering its relative thinness, the insulation is quite good at keeping the heat out. Additionally, the silicone offers superior stain and moisture protection that's not possible with competing cotton models.

Although we like the length of these mitts, even people with larger hands might find the fit to be a little loose. A baggy fit can make grasping smaller items somewhat tricky. The length of the cuff also makes one-handed donning and doffing a tall order unless they're hanging from a hook. Finally, the lining is not secured, so if you aren't careful, wet hands can cling to the material and cause them to turn inside out.

oven mitts - best for forearm protection
These sharp-looking silicone mitts are easy to clean and waterproof to boot.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Single Mitt

All-Clad Textiles Silicone Oven

Insulation Duration (500º F): 22 seconds | Fit (hand size): Small - Medium
Quality construction
Tight fit
Limited dexterity

The All-Clad Textiles Silicone Oven mitt is one of few sold as a single mitt out of all the models we reviewed. However, plenty of kitchen tasks only require one glove. With that in mind, this model offers plenty of forearm coverage for reaching into tall or deep ovens. Unlike the mitts with full silicone palms, we found the All-Clad's striped application of this grippy material over the thick cotton insulation to be more comfortable and secure when grasping the handles of heavy pots.

On the other hand, many cooks will tell you that one mitt won't be sufficient in an active kitchen. Posing further restrictions is this model fit which is best suited to small to medium size hands. The purlicue (the space between the thumb and forefinger) is cut fairly shallow, which makes obtaining a solid grip around a handle nearly impossible if your thumb isn't fully seated. Thus, the dexterity of the All-Clad decreases as the size of the user's hands increases. With that said, those with medium-sized hands will find this model to be a good fit while still being able to slide it on/off one-handed.

oven mitts - this wide-cuffed model is sold as a single mitt that can easily be...
This wide-cuffed model is sold as a single mitt that can easily be donned one-handed.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Toaster Ovens

Cuisinart Neoprene Mini Oven Mitts

Insulation Duration (500º F): 28 seconds | Fit (hand size): Small - Large
Easy on/off
Shallow purlicue
Poor heat tolerance

The Cuisinart Neoprene Mini Oven Mitts are well-suited to the specific needs of a toaster oven. First, these are designed as half mitts (so they do not extend beyond the palm), which makes them easy to get on and off. Second, the "lobster claw" position of the thumb under the four fingers makes them ideal for pinching tasks. Finally, they take up very little space. All of these features make them perfect for pulling a tiny baking sheet or rack out of a relatively shallow toaster oven.

The neoprene used on the palms of these mitts provides a decent grip, but the material is not suited for high heat and will surely melt if exposed to such temperatures for prolonged periods. Additionally, the shallow purlicue makes gripping handles difficult. Despite these shortcomings, these mitts work quite well for a toaster oven where a traditional mitt or potholder would be overkill and consume precious space in a small kitchen or office breakroom. In the case of toaster oven mitts, sometimes less is more.

oven mitts - these lobster-claw-style half mitts are easy to get on and off but...
These lobster-claw-style half mitts are easy to get on and off but lack wrist and forearm protection.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Barbecues and Brick Ovens

Semboh Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

Insulation Duration (500º F): 5 seconds | Fit (hand size): Medium
Long cuff
Tight fingers
Unsecured liner

Although the Semboh Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves offer a great degree of hand movement and sensitivity, they are not the best for ordinary kitchen heat protection. However, we did find them to be a great glove for barbecues or brick ovens. Why the distinction? These gloves allow conductive or direct heat to bleed through rapidly, but they're capable of blocking convective heat while supplying plenty of dexterity. Hence, these gloves are great for handling barbecue tools and bread peels above or around open flames.

These gloves fit snugly in the fingers, which adds to the maneuverability, but it makes them difficult to take on and off. Also, the liners are not sewn into place, so there is the risk of pulling them out when removing your hand. Although this isn't a big deal with mitts, these gloves' separated fingers make working the liners back into place quite frustrating. Yet, of all the gloves that we tested, these offered the best forearm protection and the best construction while providing comparable insulation to their competitors.

oven mitts - these gloves offer tons of dexterity but they do not have much...
These gloves offer tons of dexterity but they do not have much insulation. They are great for working around convective heat as opposed to grabbing hot pots and pans out of the oven.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for RV and Car Camping

SWISH ABODE Silicone Oven Mitts

Insulation Duration (500º F): Not applicable | Fit (hand size): Extra Small - Extra Large
Can't make closed fist grip
Limited application

The SWISH ABODE Silicone Oven Mitts are a half mitt great for any cooking situation where you need a little protection from hot surfaces but don't need to move heavy items or make a closed hand grip. These "lobster claw" style mitts leave the palm and wrist exposed, only covering the fingers and thumb, so this model is best for pinching the ears of dishes or grabbing the edge of a rack. The sacrifice in versatility comes with the benefit of simplicity. These mitts stack one inside the other, they're soft enough to tuck into almost any space, and if they get dirty, they can easily be wiped down. They are ideal for packing into a camping kitchen kit.

All the benefits supplied by these mitts come with corresponding detriments when used outside of their appropriate context. Due to the limited depth of the finger and thumb slots, making a fist is impossible. As such, gripping panhandles is out of the question — incidentally, this is why we could not measure an "insulation duration" spec for the SWISH. However, if one uses this protective equipment with properly set expectations, then they are well worth their cost for cooking under the stars.

oven mitts - these mitts are great in a pinch, but not for prolonged, heavy use.
These mitts are great in a pinch, but not for prolonged, heavy use.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

Our crack team of culinary experts consisted of a professional baker, former café manager, and professional barista Michelle Powell; certified nutritionist, Paleo chef, and coffee quality control expert Penney Garrett; as well as an experimental home baker and cast iron evangelist Nick Miley. Collectively, this trio is well over 30 years of culinary experience. Whether it's roasting chicken under a brick in the tiny oven of a one-bedroom apartment or working in a bustling artisanal bakery, this team knows hot.

The 1/2 mitts have reduced protection but are easy to get on and off.
The 1/2 mitts have reduced protection but are easy to get on and off.
Working with heavy castiron puts insulation to the test.
Working with heavy castiron puts insulation to the test.

This review began with extensive research on the oven mitt market. We looked at dozens of products, reading consumer reviews, and seeking insight from culinary professionals. With much deliberation, we narrowed the field of candidates down for purchase and testing. Our team then devised and implemented simple tests informed by our understanding of the needs and safety concerns of those doing culinary hot work in both home and working kitchens.

Analysis and Test Results

Our review analysis consists of 5 metrics that, when met, make for a high-quality mitt. Specifically, these are dexterity, insulation, donning/doffing, sizing, and construction/durability. Discussed below are the details of these evaluations, as well as the products that performed well in each metric.


Providing a barrier between one's hands and hot objects in the kitchen is the reason that oven mitts exist. Yes, some manufacturers say that their products are good for opening jars or handling a frozen turkey, but who do they think they're fooling? Mitts are for grabbing hot stuff. Given this single but crucial function, we spent the majority of our testing time on this aspect of the product's performance. It should come as no surprise that there is a direct connection between the mitt's thickness and the level of heat protection offered. Mitts with robust cotton filling like Big Red House and Cuisinart Silicone do extremely well.

oven mitts - insulation test. here the pan is heated to 500 degrees and then...
Insulation test. Here the pan is heated to 500 degrees and then gripped. The time taken for the heat to bleed through to the tester's palm is how we scored each product in this evaluation.
Credit: Nick Miley

To test insulation, we ran a basic but telling test. We heated an 11" cast iron pan weighing 6 pounds in the oven at 500º F for 30 minutes. Wearing one of the mitts, we then pulled the pan out and timed how long it took for the heat to become uncomfortable — an internal heat of right around 130º F. Why did we choose to heat the pan to such a high temperature? It's because this is the maximum heat generally used in a home kitchen. For example, when using a dutch oven for baking or a pizza stone, the oven is preheated to 500º F.

A 500 degree cast iron pan will reveal the quality of the insulation...
A 500 degree cast iron pan will reveal the quality of the insulation in short order.
Why test at 500 degrees? Because most ovens get that hot and we want...
Why test at 500 degrees? Because most ovens get that hot and we want to know if the products can handle it.
Executing our timed insulation test holding a 500 degree cast iron...
Executing our timed insulation test holding a 500 degree cast iron pan.

Although this test paints a very clear picture of the insulation quality and the burn resistance of the materials used in the mitts, top-performing products protected the hand for unrealistically long periods. In the case of Big Red House, it was 41 seconds! If you're holding a 500º F pan for that long, it's fair to say that something has gone wrong. That said, we think that any mitt protecting you for 20 seconds or so at this temperature is more than adequate for home kitchen applications. So, for you bakers out there, you can put the All-Clad and HOMWE on your shortlist.


Freedom of hand movement is critical for certain cooking tasks such as pinching the ears of dishes, removing lids as well as working with kitchen utensils like tongs and peels. As such, we donned the mitts and gloves in this review and rated them on ease of executing tasks such as removing the lid of a cast-iron combo cooker, stirring roasted vegetables in a cast iron pan, and gripping the edge of a baking sheet. It should be noted that fit plays a large role in dexterity. You will likely have problems if your thumb and forefinger do not fully seat in the mitt — particularly when gripping handles.

oven mitts - one of the highest demand tasks for both the cook and the mitts...
One of the highest demand tasks for both the cook and the mitts protecting their hands is working with a hot and heavy dutch oven
Credit: Nick Miley

The fingers and thumb move independently on the Semboh barbecue gloves, giving them a real advantage in this analysis. Additionally, the fit of the glove is quite snug while at the same time the deyan and cotton layers are relatively thin. This combination enhances sensitivity. Despite the LoveU. gloves' roomier fit, they too facilitated precise movement.

oven mitts - roasting veggies on high heat requires some stirring. the dexterity...
Roasting veggies on high heat requires some stirring. The dexterity of a glove makes this step easy as 1-2-3.
Credit: Nick Miley

As for the mitts, the Cuisinart Silicone were reasonably sensitive considering their thick insulation and finger position. While we didn't always like the lumpy feel of the full silicone palms of the Cuisinart, there was no denying that the grip was superb on small edges.

Donning and Doffing

While it's not a necessity, if one can get a mitt on and off one-handed, it is certainly to their benefit. Often when cooking, one just doesn't have a free hand available. Those models with cuffs that are wide, short, or altogether absent have the advantage in this evaluation. In particular, the SWISH ABODE, and to a lesser degree, the Cuisinart Neoprene Mini mitts were a breeze to get on and off. However, that ease comes at the cost of protection to the wrist and forearm.

oven mitts - one-handed donning/ doffing is a real benefit in a busy kitchen.
One-handed donning/ doffing is a real benefit in a busy kitchen.
Credit: Laura Casner

As for those models with a greater degree of skin coverage, we were quite surprised and impressed with the LoveU.'s performance in this task. This glove's exterior is silicone with a raised texture throughout. This model wants to lay flat on a countertop, and so the grippy texture has maximum contact with the surface it's laying on. Thus, there is plenty of purchase for working your hand through the wide cuff and down into the fingers of the glove. Many of the other mitts in this review can be donned one-handed when they are hanging from a hook. However, during our tests, this type of use resulted in several hook loops failing. For more details on this issue, see "Construction and Durability".

oven mitts - easy and convenient. these 1/2 mitts are ready to go to work on less...
Easy and convenient. These 1/2 mitts are ready to go to work on less demanding tasks.
Credit: Nick Miley


As was discussed above, dexterity in a mitt or glove owes itself to the product's fit. Because of this, sizing is key in the selection process. It's rare for products to offer sizing options, with LoveU. being a notable exception. During the sizing analysis, our main focus is on the depth of the purlicue — the space between the thumb and forefinger. If this portion of the glove or mitt is too shallow, that's typically when we noticed a problem with gripping. In particular, we found this to be an issue with the SWISH ABODE.

oven mitts - sizing matters. many products' fit favors small and medium-sized...
Sizing matters. Many products' fit favors small and medium-sized hands, particularly in the thumb and forefinger.
Credit: Nick Miley

The majority of these oven mitts fit average-size hands and smaller. If your hands are on the larger side, we recommend looking at the Cuisinart Silicone for mitts or the Semboh for gloves. These choices have full depth purlicues, allowing the thumb and forefinger to fully seat.

oven mitts - finally, a mitt that fits big hands.
Finally, a mitt that fits big hands.
Credit: Nick Miley

Construction and Durability

We typically won't comment on the durability of items in our reviews because our testing happens over weeks as opposed to real household scenarios of months or years that would provide the appropriate data to assess the long-term performance of products. However, in the course of our review, we had several of the hook loops sewn into the cuffs of the mitts fail, leading us to methodically analyze the stitching of all the models in this review.

oven mitts - robust hook loops reduce frustration and speak to the quality of...
Robust hook loops reduce frustration and speak to the quality of construction.
Credit: Nicholas Miley

The Cuisinart Silicone and HOMWE mitts all have sound stitching and solidly secured hook loops. Quality construction is also displayed on both the LoveU. and Semboh gloves, though the latter's hook loop could be secured a bit better. Conversely, the Big Red House mitts were disappointing as they display shoddy stitching and a hook loop that tore out with the slightest of strain.

oven mitts - unfortunately, a number of the products in this review had poorly...
Unfortunately, a number of the products in this review had poorly secured hook loops that tore out of the cuff with minimal use.
Credit: Laura Casner


With hundreds of oven mitts on the market today, it can be confusing and difficult to suss out which models will best fit your needs. To aid you in this process, we researched dozens of these products, buying and comparatively testing 8 of the best models. Our analysis reveals which mitts have the best insulation, freedom of movement, fit by hand size, and construction quality. As a result of this research, you have all the information needed to make an informed decision without spending all day on the computer. With the time you save, you can test out a new recipe or two. Bon Appétit!

Nick Miley

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